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Applying for a dental school means having to ask people with authority for a recommendation letter for dentist, and that can be a real problem, especially for those who don’t have a great dentist recommendation letter sample. The issue with writing recommendation letter for dentist is that not everyone knows how to do it, and a person with authority may have never written something like that.

However, a residency LoR for dentist can be written easily as long as the person knows how to do it. The following sections will help you learn more about dental and nurse recommendation letter for residency and how to make it stand out.

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What Is Recommendation Letter for Dentist?

A dentist letter of recommendation provides future employers, admission committees, or hiring managers an idea of a candidate’s value from the eyes of someone with authority. That person who writes the letter needs to know the candidate, have a rounded knowledge of his professional life and eventually have something in common, a project, work, research, or anything that can be mentioned as real-life examples of that candidate’s value.

A well-made letter of recommendation dental can mean the difference between a candidate with no chances, and a candidate that achieves excellent results. Just look at this professional dental school letter of recommendation sample.

Investigate Great Dental Recommendation Letter Samples

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What Does a Dentist Recommendation Letter Need to Cover?

The dental college LoR needs to cover three main things. These things are the ones that will tell the person who’s going to read them everything she needs to know about the candidate’s professional profile.

Association & Value

A letter of reference or recommendation needs to cover what the writer is in relation to the applicant. It needs to go over how many years and why he knows that candidate, and explain what he thinks that person can offer as a professional (hard and soft skills, learning ability, etc.)

Evidence & Examples

Apart from stating what the candidate is good at and why he is such a great professional, it is important to back them up with evidence and examples. Evidence can be anything related to achievements or work experience, and examples can be real-life situations the writer has witnessed when it comes to that person skills, professionalism, etc.

Right Approach

The right approach means that the writer of the dental college LoR needs to be positive at all times if possible. Stating negative things can make the candidate lose the job, internship, or research/program opportunity. A dental letter of recommendation sample always focuses on being positive about the applicant.

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Top 5 Residency Programs Where You Need a Professional LoR Dental Writing

These universities will demand a LoR dental if you want to apply for them. Make sure you can learn more about them when writing, as it is very common for admission committees to like any knowledge about the desired program entrance.

  • UCSF School of Dentistry: General Practice & Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Residency Programs
  • University of Washington School of Dentistry: Oral and Maxillofacial Residency Program
  • University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine: Dental Anaesthesiology, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Orthodontics and Dento-facial Orthopaedics, and Paediatric Dentistry Residency Programs
  • McGill University Faculty of Dentistry: General Residency Program
  • Columbia University College of Dental Medicine: General Practice Residency Program

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Dentist Letter of Recommendation Format and Requirements

When you take a look at residency LoR or a dental recommendation letter sample, you see that it comes with only three paragraphs, up to five in the most detailed ones. These paragraphs are comprised of Introduction, Body, and Conclusion. Just like any essay.


The introduction is based on telling how the person writing the LoR dental knows and what he thinks of the applicant positively, between 2 to 5 sentences. Then he should add a little idea of how professional the candidate is and why, in short. So he can eventually open the path to the body.


The body is more detailed and goes into specifics. Here is where you should give evidences and examples of why you think such an applicant is a valuable professional. It is essential to be detailed and specific while remaining succinct and straightforward in each statement. This can be one paragraph of 5 sentences or two of maximum 3 sentences.


Finally, after giving support to each statement about the applicant, you have the conclusion. This one should be one paragraph only. But it should emphasize on the reasons the candidate is a good option and then focus on giving a deep personal opinion on what he can offer as a professional, what he thinks that person can achieve, and so on.


The requirements are all about knowing everything possible about the candidate, from the CV, transcripts, achievements, previous work experience, skills and even anecdotes if possible. This will give the person writing a lot more to talk about and possibly support all the statements he could make.

Top 5 Things on What Not to Include in LoR Dental

A dental recommendation letter should come with several things that will make it stand out from the crowd. However, even if it has everything it should have when there’s something that committees or hiring managers don’t like, the LoR will very likely have the wrong impact. Here’s what you should avoid including in the dental school application LoR:

  • Ambiguous or Hyperbolic Language. Anything that is not understandable is often overlooked by people who read LoRs. The same happens with hyperbolic adjectives such as “extremely”, “unbelievable”, “amazing”, “fantastic”, and so on.
  • Lies or Exaggerated Statements. Anything that could be labeled as a lie or exaggerated can make your dentist letter of recommendation fail to give the right impression. Avoid anything that is not true or that exaggerates anything related to a person, especially if it is an anecdote of something that really happened. Keep your LoR dental real.
  • Irrelevant Information. A dental LoR is a letter of recommendation for the medical field, not an essay on how a person is lovable and interesting to talk with. Keeping everything related to that person’s professional life, even anecdotes, and personal experiences is essential to maintain a formal and professional touch.
  • Negative Statements. As stated before, a letter of recommendation for dental hygienist or general practitioner needs to be positive at all times. The whole purpose of this document is to make the applicant seem like a better option in the eyes of the person who is going to read it. Avoid stating weaknesses or negative experiences, especially if they make the person look bad.
  • Unsupported Statements. Similarly to irrelevant information, lies, exaggerated, hyperbolic language or even negative statements, unsupported statements may transform a good LoR into a bad one. Actually, unsupported statements may eventually look like any of the previous things to avoid, so always support whatever you say with anecdotes, facts, or statistics.

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Top 10 Guidelines on Writing Letter of Recommendation for Dentist

  • Be Confident: There’s no point on writing a dentist letter of recommendation if you are not sure or confident that you can do it. If you have nothing positive to say or think that the person is not worthy of the chance, or for any other reason– better avoid writing it.
  • Explain the Relationship: You should be familiar with the person you are recommending. So you need to explain how that relationship was formed and why you can give a recommendation of that person.
  • Highlight Positive Things: Again, positivity is the most important part of this letter. Keep bad or negative things away from that LoR.
  • Support Everything: Going to say how great the dentist is at treating patients? Then explain why with an anecdote or fact. Otherwise, avoid writing anything.
  • Stay Updated: You don’t want to talk about something that happened years ago when you can talk about something that happened yesterday. Talk with the candidate before writing.
  • Be Personal: Emotional touches or personal experiences are often the most engaging and useful statements in letter of recommendations. Use them, but always with support.
  • Tell a Story: Anecdotes are powerful. If you know anything in special about that person’s professional life even if it is not related to you, try to write about it briefly. Stories are very useful.
  • Focus on Why Instead or What: If you write about achievements, skills, experiences and so on, try to tell why you write about them. This will increase the strength of the statements.
  • Ask for Help: After writing the LoR, you may need some help editing and proofreading. An outside person with experience will tell you what to fix or improve.
  • Keep it Simple: It is important to be detailed, specific and give support to each statement. But try as best as you can to be straightforward and succinct. It prevents the letter to be boring.

25 Things to Include in an LoR for Dentist

When you read a letter of recommendation for internal medicine residency, you can see how much they focus on certain aspects. These aspects are taken into account by committees and hiring managers a lot and may change the LoR from a good one to an excellent one:


Motivation Commitment Interpersonal Skills
Professional Maturity Genuineness Originality
Resourcefulness Empathy and Tact Confidence
Knowledge Creativity Coping Abilities
Speed of Development Cooperation Leadership
Common Sense Clarity of Expression Articulation
Mental Strength Mental Stamina Awareness of Self
Reliability Emotional Stability Mood Control

Advice from an Expert on Writing Recommendation Letter for Dentist

Something that will help you write any kind of LoR including an emergency medicine residency letter of recommendation or a simple dentist LoR is using tricks from a professional LoR writer. Here you have two top-notch pieces of advicee from an expert:

Include Statistics

When supporting a statement or anecdote, statistics are often really helpful. They give a certain professional touch to the letter. For example: “Mr. Jones is one of the best dentists, he was among the only 2% students who never made a mistake in practice.”

Describe Weaknesses Positively

Avoiding weaknesses and negative aspects about the candidate is essential for a better LoR. However, you may talk about them but making them positive instead. For example: Ms. Clark was not the best at treating patients in the first week, but she improved exponentially in just a matter of days.

dentist letter of recommendation writing tips

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