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It’s Time to Prepare Internal Medicine Letters of Recommendation

Individuals who have just finished medical school and want to improve their skills and knowledge typically search for a residency program in their area of specialty. Most programs require students to add letters of recommendation for internal medicine residency. Such documents are usually written by instructors, mentors, or supervisors who work directly with applicants.

People underestimate the importance of letters of recommendation and don’t make much effort when working on them. Still, taking advice from a professional writing service will be helpful. Our experts will help you understand what to include in the letter of recommendation for internal medicine residency (LoR) and how to make it more convincing, increasing the applicant’s chances of getting into the residency program of their dreams.


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How Many Letters of Recommendation for Internal Medicine Residency?

sample lor for internal medicine residencyThe number of letters depends on the institution’s request. Typically, programs require you to write three letters of recommendation. Another important thing is that the committees may have different requirements for recommenders’ qualifications and the department or rotation from which the residency letters should initially come. Regarding submitting letters of recommendation for internal medicine residency via ERAS, you can only upload up to four documents.

Stay within the limit of the internal medicine letters of recommendation that one person can send. Some residency programs review only those documents that do not surpass the limit; everything that comes after is ignored. Also, some programs find large application packages suspicious. They think individuals try to hide something, so they ignore such cases, too.

With ERAS applications for internal medicine residency, everything is easier and more difficult at the same time. You have a limit on the number of recommendations and their volume. Anything larger is automatically reduced or deleted. The difficulty is fitting into this volume while providing as much detail about your candidacy as possible.

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The Structure of the Internal Medicine Residency Letter of Recommendation

The internal medicine letter of recommendation usually has a classic structure with three core elements: introduction, body part, and conclusion. This document should be formal and provide a comprehensive overview of the candidate’s knowledge, skills, and accomplishments. There are a few main questions a good LoR should answer to:

  • Who is an internal medicine residency applicant?
  • What is your relationship with them?
  • Why do you recommend them to a specific internal medicine residency?

Let’s look at the structure, helping answer these questions in detail.

  • Header

An essential part of sending your recommendation by email is adding a header. This element includes the sender’s and subject’s names and shows the document’s purpose.

  • Greeting

It should be polite to acknowledge the recipient. If you know the name, address the letter directly, but if you don’t, use a general greeting like “To whom it may concern.”

  • Introduction

This should be a short paragraph where you express enthusiasm for the candidate and briefly present yourself, mentioning your qualifications to write the internal medicine residency letter of recommendation. Provide information about your relationship with the individual, such as its status and length.

  • Body part

This recommendation’s part consists of several paragraphs and describes the candidate’s strengths in different areas. For instance, describe their clinical skills, theoretical knowledge, and personal attributes. Support the points you mention with specific examples.

It’s worth mentioning that the information you provide must be clear and honest so the internal medicine admission committee can verify it.

Make an internal medicine residency letter of recommendation as personalized as possible. Refer to some program specifics and traits in your writing and highlight how your candidate addresses them.

  • Conclusion

The final paragraph summarizes all the points mentioned and shows your interest in the candidate’s application. Finally, invite the reader to contact you to get more information (answer questions or clarify some details).

  • Closing

Add a professional ending phrase like “Sincerely.” Write your name and leave your contact information (email address, phone number, etc.). If the reader is interested in contacting you after reading the text, they should be allowed to do this immediately. Add a handwritten signature, if possible, to make your internal medicine recommendations more convincing.


letter of recommendation for internal medicine residency


How to Write a Letter of Recommendation for Residency in Internal Medicine

sample lor for internal medicine residencyCheck the requirements first

To create an outstanding internal medicine letter of recommendation, you should know the requirements perfectly and ensure you cover all the essentials. Clarify the volume and some details required to be mentioned. Remember to specify the submission deadlines, leaving enough time for revisions of a letter of recommendation.

Ask a candidate to provide all the information about the chosen internal medicine residency and their aspirations. Why did they choose the program? What goals do they want to achieve with this residency? This way, you can not only describe applicant strength but customize your recommendation letter to the committee’s expectations.

Think about what to include in a recommendation letter

Brainstorm ideas about what information you can include. Think about your relationship with the candidate and your role in their life. Focus on details of the letter of recommendation for residency in internal medicine that make this particular individual special among other candidates (leadership, fast learning, eye to detail, etc.).

Clarify what their focus should be considered when preparing a LoR.

  • If they want to get more practice in internal medicine residency, tell the readers about the candidate’s strengths within clinical settings.
  • If they’re going to focus on research, mention recent research projects they participated in.
  • If they want to teach and mentor, mention an appropriate experience in training younger students.

Internal medicine residency is a responsible choice for a mature specialist. So, all the letters of recommendation for internal medicine residency you prepare should reflect this.

Prepare an outline

Having a plan to write internal medicine letters of recommendation makes the writing much easier. This is especially helpful when preparing several LoRs for different people. Decide how many paragraphs there will be, write down the points highlighted in each section, and structure your ideas. For example, when describing the candidate’s qualities in internal medicine, list the examples supporting your opinion.

sample letter of recommendation for residency in internal medicine

Edit and proofread

Read the internal medicine recommendation and edit it carefully after finishing the draft. Ensure you included all the needed information, organized your paragraphs, and followed the plan. Pay attention to details like argumentation, grammar, and narrative because the residency officials will read the letter of recommendation carefully and meticulously check every fact.

Get Assisted With Letter of Recommendation for Internal Medicine Residency

The letter of recommendation is an essential part of the internal medicine application. It must be convincing, error-free, and neat at the same time. You should have enough time and make an effort to create such a document. Some individuals who find applying internal medicine letters of recommendation complicated ask for help and hire professional writers to get the job done. We are here to assist you if you feel confident about doing this task.

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Our experienced specialists compose dozens of residency admission documents, paying attention to details and strictly following the requirements. Moreover, they strictly follow the deadlines and deliver writing pieces right when you need them. Regardless of how many letters of recommendation for internal medicine residency you need, they will prepare them perfectly on time.

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