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If you are planning to apply to a medical residency program in Canada for international students, make sure to choose from the best programs we’re listing here. These residency programs in Canada will help students to become successful medical practitioners in the future. You can also check out UK medical residency for international students programs for more choices.

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Canadian Medical Residency for International Students

University of Calgary: The offered residency for international medical students residency match in Canada provides students complete residency program in pursuing their medical dreams.

Application requirements for residency for international medical graduates in Canada

  • Have been awarded a medical degree.
  • Completed the residency training program in Canada or elsewhere.
  • Meet the college of physicians and surgeons of Alberta requirements, which include English language proficiency.

Conditions for Canadian Residency Programs for International Medical Graduates

For candidates outside Canada, credential and identity should be verified through Physician Credential Registry of Canada. All residents should be registered through the Office of Postgraduate Medical Education and pay the administrative and required fees.

Application process

Applicants should submit a letter of application, which includes the application form, CV, and letters of reference. This is relevant for most local programs and study abroad, whether Canadian or UK medical residency. The application package will be forwarded to the appropriate department for review.


The international medical students’ residency match in Canada allows applicants to have the best medical Canadian education. The international medical graduates residency program of the University of Montreal provides applicants the chance to experience the city. They are offering excellent education in the field of medicine, and they place a greater emphasis on interdisciplinary approaches.

Application requirements

  • All documents to be submitted should be official and original.
  • Submit a letter of recommendation for the fellowship to support the applicant’s application.
  • Submit a copy of the birth certificate that contains the applicant’s name, family name, date of birth, place of birth and sex. For applicants who do not have original documents, they need to attach a copy to their application and send the original document as early as possible.
  • For French citizens, they need to submit a copy of your French identity card or passport (front and back).
  • Original diplomas.


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Application process

Before submitting documents, applicants need to attach their identification sheet. The admission and recruitment have to make sure that documents received are filed with the correct application.

Upon arrival at the school, applicants should finalize their file at UdeM’s foreign student office by giving the entry documents before the start of the study. Failure to submit needed documents results in cancellation of the application.


McGill University is a public research school that was established in 1821.Eligibility summary

  • Requires a permit to study abroad or in Canada.
  • Has written MCAT in the last five years with results available before the deadline.
  • Adheres to educational and general requirements.
  • International candidates selected for admission should have a student authorization by the registration date. Applicants should prove to the Canadian Department of Immigration that they have enough funds to complete their medical program.
  • International applicants should submit their applications, an official or letter statement issued by authorities in their country that indicates their recognition of the medical degree awarded by the medical faculty.


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Application process

McGill’s online application system automatically display program choices based on application type, citizenship status and level of education.

Education: Choose the highest education before starting the program at the university. Make sure that you do not choose the level of education you are planning to pursue in the institution.

  • Applications are being evaluated according to candidate category.
  • Academic evaluation: Evaluation of academic performance is conducted for complete applications. Academic records are ranked and evaluated in comparison with others.
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Some Programs Offering Medical Residency in Canada for International Students

University of Manitoba

The University of Manitoba is one of the best international medical residency programs you can choose from. The community medicine residency program is a 5-year program that was accredited by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. Applicants need to apply through the Canadian Residency Matching Service to be eligible and give them the chance to work abroad.

Kazan State Medical University

KSMU internal medicine international medical residency medicine program is working closely with Royal College of Physicians and Surgeon’s of Canada (RCCI) to make sure rigorous standards are met. The institution plans to develop additional residency programs with the guidance of RCCI to ensure it benefits residents.


best canadian residency programs for international medical graduates

Before applying, make sure to know about the residency program international student pros and cons to determine whether studying abroad is the best solution for you. Lastly, make sure to submit complete documents to increase your chances of securing a spot in the residency program. Invest enough time to make sure all application materials are completed and submitted on time.

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