FAQs on Recommendation Letter for Residency

There’ll be no doubts that the recommender knows your skills and achievements.

Proficiency in ERAS® Application
Quality letter doesn’t simply list details or restate your resume
Multiple specialties, one solution

If you’re applying for several residency programs, we will tailor your letter to each. It will tremendously boost your admission chances.

Adherence to ERAS® requirements

All residency recommendation letters are written by our experts in compliance with the ERAS® application system standards.

Money-back policy

In case of issues with quality, delivery, and so on, you can ask us for repayment.

No templates, only custom LoR

You’ll be offered to fill in a questionnaire for us to write relevant personalized text.

We hire medical authors with an immense writing background and a relevant degree

Get the Answers on Most Frequently Asked Questions about Recommendation Letter for Residency Writing

If you are needing a recommendation letter for residency program, place an order with us! We make the process simple and will deliver your letter in a timely manner in time for the application deadline. As soon as you place your order, we will send you a confirmation email with instructions and a link to complete our questionnaire. The questionnaire includes questions about your personal and academic background, including relevant projects and fields of focus.

Our experienced professionals know how to write a residency letter with the personal traits the ACGME and other accredited programs are looking for and provided the list of the most common questions you may ask us:

What exactly do I get?

You will get completely personalized letters of recommendation for residency that reflects your clinical and personal strengths as a potential candidate.

What if I am dissatisfied?

We offer a 100% money back guarantee. If you are dissatisfied, we will be happy to rewrite the letter or provide a refund.

Who will write the letters?

Letters of recommendation or LoR for residency applications should be written by a faculty member who knows you well and can speak to your strengths. Consider which faculty member has mentored you or helped guide you through your fourth year where you have worked more independently. Remember that the LoR is supplementary to your transcript, and a faculty member that assisted you should be someone recent.

At least two letter of recommendation for residency program should be written by a physician in your area of specialty. If you have worked in various areas, it will be beneficial to have different physicians from each area write a letter. This will round out your entire application and show that you have experience in multiple fields. Keep in mind that comments from your clerkship evaluations are included in the MSPE. To avoid redundant comments, choose physicians that were not involved with your clerkship.

Do not wait to ask for letters until the end of your third year. Faculty members need time to evaluate your performance and write a persuasive letter that reflects your hard work.

Can a junior associate write a LoR?

Yes. A residency letter of recommendation from a junior associate will show that you have built relationships with all types of faculty members. Sometimes such a (LoR for residency) letter of recommendation which was written by a junior associate is an excellent idea since this will give the administrators a fresh perspective regarding you and the relationships which you have formed during your time at the specific faculty. Such a junior associate are often better suited to write about you on the more personal level especially about the interpersonal relationship which existed between the two of you and such an accurate letter are able to reveal important information about the way in which you conduct your relationships with fellow colleagues.

Where is your company located?

Residency LoR is located 100% online so we can assist you from wherever you are.

How many letters do I need?

The number of letters required differ from program to program. Check your application requirements for more information.

For which residency can you write a LoR?

We can write a LoR for any residency! These include (but are not limited to) pediatrics, family medicine, emergency medicine, anesthesiology, diagnostic radiology, obstetrics and gynecology, orthopedic surgery, and psychiatry.

What other services do you offer?

We also offer assistance with letters of interest, letters of intent, personal statements, statements of purpose, writing for application resumes and CVs, proofreading on ERAS application forms, and the MSP or Dean’s letter.

We promise 100% confidentiality and privacy for all of our clients. With delivery on time and writers who will discuss your needs with you, we make sure you receive a personalized letter of recommendation for your chosen specialty! Our experienced professionals know how to write a residency letter with the personal traits the ACGME and other accredited programs are looking for.

Choose the best recommendation letter for residency from us today!