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Getting into nurse school can be a headache in every way. But maybe the most difficult of getting the chance is writing a nurse recommendation letter or residency LoR. This part demands a person with authority to give his/her opinion on the applicant, and the overall favorable recommendation of the person as well as information and several specific aspects of the applicant’s professional career.

And this can be so difficult that even a qualified person with years of experience may not know how to do make it happen correctly. So, here we have the best nurse LoR writing service you could need. Come further and find out more, including letter of recommendation for physician examples.

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What Is a Recommendation Letter?

The whole purpose of a recommendation letter for nurse is to vouch for the experience, aptitudes, abilities and overall merits of a person to be part of a nursing program. This nurses recommendation letter is generally written by someone with authority, such as a colleague who has worked on projects or research with the applicant, a client, a teacher, an employer, head nurse, doctor or even a director.

Letters of recommendations for nurses are not necessary or obligatory most of the time, but when they are, these letters can mean the difference between a candidate that looks good and a candidate that does not.

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Why Do Nurses Need Recommendation Letters?

Most letters of recommendations need to be written by someone with authority who knows or has worked with the candidate who’s applying. This means that nurses need it just because it gives the admission committee of any program more in-depth knowledge about that person’s overall profile as a professional.

As you know, a nurse recommendation letter is often particular, talking about many things about a candidate’s professional experience that matter for his future. The more the candidate has achieved and done within the nursing field, the more opportunities he will get. But these achievements need to be supported with a nursing school LoR, like it’s made in pro nursing recommendation letter sample.

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What Should Be Highlighted in LoR for Nurse?

A letter of LoR for nurse should mention qualifications, skills, and experience both in the employment and education section related to the nursing field. However, it should focus more on accomplishments and achievements as a professional. Especially if it’s something that links certifications, awards, or similar achievements, these are the things that grab the attention of an admission committee of a nursing college the most.

What Is the Right Format for the Letters of Recommendation for Nurses?

When you take a look at a sample letter of recommendation for the nursing program, immediately you realize that the LoR is composed of only three paragraphs or parts. These are the Introduction, the Body, and the Conclusion.

Some sample letters of recommendation for nurses may have more paragraphs or sections. However, it is better to keep this simple and make sure they contain all the information about the applicant as well. Things such as the applicant’s name, specific field of expertise, skills, achievements and more are essential. And of course, let’s not forget about the name of the recommender and the date when it was written.

How to Write a Nurse Recommendation Letter: Full Guide

As we know you may need help writing recommendation letter for nurse, here we have a simple and straightforward guide you can follow to produce the highest-quality nursing college LoR that meets your needs. Or at least teach the person that will do it for you.

First off, it is essential to know that a letter of recommendation is composed of the Introduction, Body, and Conclusion. The following examples will give you an idea of how to write each:


An introductory paragraph shouldn’t have more than five sentences. And it should focus on being to the point and purpose-oriented. Begin the introduction with “Dear (name of the person)” and then follow up with the relationship of the writer with the candidate, the purpose of the letter and a reliable statement about the person. Example:

Dear Ms. Mackle

I have known Michael for more than four years thanks to his internship here in the hospital in which I was his supervisor. He is a competent, reliable, and very skillful nurse who learns fast and gives his best at all times. So, he needs the opportunity you are offering to keep growing as a professional.


The body can be comprised of one or two paragraphs if a person wants to get more into details or explain more about the relationship or the candidate’s professionalism. Here is where the writer gets into the specifics and states not only why he thinks a person if valuable but gives examples, anecdotes, and facts that support these statements. Example:

Mr. Moore is a person of outstanding skills as a nurse, but most importantly of all – he is a person who cares about his career. As a person who has seen him work for four years, I can say he’s dedicated entirely to this professional path. Not only I’ve noticed that dedication in the way he treats patients (with respect and charisma) but in the way his patients remember him. I’ve received several references from patients who say that he’s a fantastic nurse. Apart from that, he has never a missed a day, despite how stressful, sick or tired he has felt.


The concluding paragraph is the last one. It shouldn’t be more than five sentences either and should repeat the reasons why the candidate is such a good option for the program. This part should emphasize on how good it will do the candidate for his career and how good it will do for the field due to his capacity. Example:

For me, there is no other nurse as smart, dedicated and hard-working as Michael Moore. He showed this and more when working under my supervision, so I’m assured entirely the field of nursing will entirely benefit from having such a fantastic person developing. He will not only do well on that program/position; he will probably impress and surpass expectations.

Expert Advice on Nurse LoR Writing

The right structure of is not enough to produce a high-quality sample letter of recommendation for nurse practitioner, letter of reference or recommendation for a nursing program or job. That’s why we’ve asked an expert to give us advice on writing a letter of recommendation for a nurse. Here’s what he told us:

Be Specific

Hiring managers and admission committees always focus on specific skills. If a person is excellent with scared or nervous patients, knows how to treat kids well, locates veins easily, or knows how to give fast and effective checks, state them. These specific details can make a sample letter of recommendation for nurse practitioner stand out.

Accomplishments Matter

Is the candidate a person who has won the warm preference of patients? Has this candidate learned a useful skill for the future? Or is he an overall versatile nurse with thousands of skills? Then state that.

Hiring managers and admission committees love persons who achieve great things, especially patient-related and skill-related. More achievements instead of duties or experience can be the difference between a simple LoR and a great letter of recommendation for fellowship.

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Top 15 Tips on Writing a Letter of Recommendation for a Nurse

  • Know the applicant thoroughly: don’t forget to read the resume and overall profile as a professional. State achievements and skills.
  • State a high level of acknowledgment: Make sure the letter looks as if the person writing it knows the candidate entirely in all the things that matter.
  • Qualifications are essential: Skills and achievements matter, but most importantly are certifications or actual expertise the person has shown.
  • Be direct: Don’t go too much into detail if it is not necessary. Keep it simple and straightforward.
  • Don’t lie: Admission committees and hiring managers may know a few clichés about the letter of recommendations, especially when it comes to lies. You won’t like to fall on those.
  • Show hard and soft skills: Hard skills such as nursing-related work are great, but soft skills such as charisma, critical thinking, problem-solving and others are also necessary.
  • State the real level of the candidate: Don’t forget to state how much the candidate knows about the job. Whether he is an undergraduate, a graduate, or a more specific specialty.
  • Have a list of skills and achievements close: At the moment of writing, there’s nothing better than having a list of things to talk about the candidate.
  • Write a draft: Remember to write a draft or several ones before writing the real one. This will give you a better sense of what’s needed.
  • Have a friend proofread it: Proofreading is extremely important. A friend may tell you what lacks or what is wrong with the LoR regarding grammar, typos, or structure.
  • Learn the specific field of the candidate: Whether it is a surgery letter of recommendation sample or a letter of recommendation for fellowship, make sure where it is going to go.
  • Read some examples before writing yours: Here we have several samples for you to consider. They will help you learn more about how to do it.
  • Take your time: Make sure to give some time to the writing of the LoR. You won’t like to hurry and then give a bad LoR. Something as little as a wrong name may bring trouble.
  • Tell a story: As said before in the writing guide, a story and factual happenings will bring support to your statements and recommendations.
  • Creativity is key: Try to engage and or stylize the LoR with something creative. This will give it more power and chance to the candidate. Just keep it simple and formal.

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