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Top Tips on How to Write a Letter of Recommendation for Residency

Start with the fact that a residency letter of recommendation (LoR) is a small-size document that should be prepared by a high-ranked person who has known you for a long time and can provide comprehensive feedback on your personal and professional qualities. This writing piece also has some critical functions it serves in your residency application:

  • It demonstrates and provides evidence of specific experiences related to the chosen program.
  • A recommendation letter also helps showcase your commitment to the field, work ethic, as well as current and planned contributions.
  • It exemplifies characteristics of your personality, academic and clinical performance.
  • The residency letters of recommendation showcase your abilities to work as a team player and your good relationships with other healthcare providers.
  • It complements and boosts the other aspects of the ERAS Application, working collaboratively with the personal statement.

Being an essential part of application documents, the LoR residency is considered the most impactful. According to stats from several years, over 80% of Program Directors cited this doc as a vital ranking factor affecting a lot in getting interview invitations. That’s why you should take your application documents seriously, and our top experts are here 24/7 to provide any writing assistance you may need.

Writing a Letter of Residency: What You Need to Consider

Regardless of where you submit your application, the best choice of action before is to read the guidelines and written tips provided by the admissions committee. This can give you some helpful ideas on how to write a letter of recommendation for residency, as well as provide you with information about the technical properties of the text, such as formatting, context, and demands regarding the document’s author.


A good application doc should be at least 3 paragraphs (250 words) but doesn’t exceed 750 words. Keeping the word count required is especially important if you apply via ERAS or other electronic application systems, where the text can be shortened automatically.

Think about providing the author of your residency letter of recommendation with additional materials like a personal statement or CV if there’s a need to prolong the text.
If the text is too long, carefully review it to remove details you feel are unnecessary or get help with its revisions from professional proofreaders.


Ensure your document has a handwritten signature, as it’s needed for authenticity. So don’t forget about this detail while using the letters of recommendation service – show the writing to your supervisor before submitting it or ask the writer to hand sing the recommendation letter.


All residency applications should have a specific letterhead with the institution logo & name, the date of letter creation, the name of the author, and the title.

Relation to the Field

Avoid generic residency letters of recommendation, as the best ones are those created by a person related to your specialty who can properly identify and highlight your professional strengths, mentioning particular experiences and skills you have.

Strength of Recommendation Writer

The residency LoR should include details about how long the writer knows you and what kind of relationship you have.

While international graduates are required to submit application documents from their origin country, most U.S. schools and colleges prefer getting US-based recommendation letters.

Keys to the Highest Quality From Recommendation Letter Writing Service


Ensure the residency letter of recommendation includes particular examples demonstrating your competency, e.g.:

  • ACGME core competencies
  • Any stats like GPAs
  • Information on your clinical rotations
  • Your hard and technical skills
  • Soft skills and ability to work in a team
  • Genuine knowledge and abilities

Gaps & Weaknesses

Resist the temptation to keep silent about gaps or red flags in your residency application. Firstly, this is easily verified, and a lie can be regarded as a sign of your unreliability. Secondly, the weaknesses you overcame are excellent tools to demonstrate your personal and professional growth.

Using Letter of Recommendation Writing Service – Why & How

No matter how ideal the goals and the creation process may look, cases of contacting specialized letter of recommendation writing services are only becoming more frequent. Committees are getting more demanding, and most people who can give you recommendations usually don’t have the time or energy to create standout ones. And this is where expert help can come in handy.

The main problem that applicants face when hiring a letter of recommendation writing service is the doubt that they will get a well-customized document that is not only written professionally but also demonstrates a real connection with the submitter. But there’s no need to worry about when experts take over.

In addition to long-time experience in the admissions field and hundreds of successful applications, we can boast of the author’s approach to personalizing each text. Turning to us, you can count on the most competent specialists who should write letters of recommendation for residency, with their fantastic attention to detail and ability to work with the information you provide through the questionnaire.

Best Editing Support From Letter of Recommendation Writing Services

Be sure that not a single detail in your letter of recommendation will be missed by the committee. The smallest facts, content, structure, grammar, punctuation, and minor typos – all be considered and affect their impression of your candidacy. Therefore, make sure your residency letters of recommendation are perfect, or better yet, entrust this to professional proofreaders and editors.

The specialist will provide you with an objective assessment of the technical and contextual components, as well as help polish it to perfection. You’ll be surprised to know that the experts who give actionable advice on how to write a residency letter of recommendation are also very knowledgeable about what to do with existing ones and can come up with many good ideas, helping with document improvement.

Who Should Write Letters of Recommendation for Residency

Any committee requiring letters of recommendation expects this to help them determine the relevance and validity of the information provided by the applicant in other admission documents. Therefore, the author of your LoR residency matters, and this person’s choice should be taken seriously.

Considering general guidelines and advice, the author of the letter of recommendation should be a person whose status or rating is higher than yours and who had the opportunity to observe or interact with you in a practical environment.

Thus, the ideal author of your LoR for residency would be:

  • An authorized representative from specialty-specific clinical settings in the U.S.
  • Your mentor or supervisor who has worked with you and knows you well (Department Head/Chair or PD)
  • High-ranked professionals, you interacted with recently (within 1 year ideally or 2 maximum)

Who exactly should not be chosen as the author of the residency letter of recommendation:

  • Family members, friends, or peers
  • Specialists with whom you interacted little or not at all
  • Those who are not related to the program of your interest and cannot objectively assess the skills and knowledge.

Of course, the best candidate you may choose to write a residency LoR would be a physician accredited in the U.S. you have worked or interacted with for a long time and who can provide an independent and detailed review of your skills.

Let Our Top Writing Experts Work on Your LoR Residency

Finally, we’d like to note a few more important things. First, consider your residency letter of recommendation as a guide and advocate. A well-written one can emphasize your features and even fill in some of the gaps. Don’t be afraid of it, and remember that the committee will be interested in reading your recommendation letters and will base their opinion on it.

Plus, you don’t have to deal with it alone because our LoR writing services are available any time of the day or night. We’ve done an excellent job recruiting our writers and designing and implementing work strategies to make customer interactions simple, seamless & resultative.

It doesn’t matter how demanding your program is, how much time you have before applying, or how complex your admission case is. In any case, by contacting us, you are guaranteed a premium recommendation letter writing service and a well-personalized document that will make a lasting impression on the officials.

Just drop us a line, and your back will be entirely covered!