How to Get an Impressive Letter of Recommendation for Pediatric Residency

During you 3rd and 4th years of schooling, it is essential that you establish a good relationship with attending physicians who work with you. It is not about getting positive rotation evaluations but it is about helping you to write a letter. It is easy to ask them to write for letter of recommendation for pediatric residency.

Having an Impressive Pediatric Letter of Recommendation

In residency programs, you need to have at least 3 letters that is why you need to ask different persons in writing a letter. In getting an impressive letter, you need to request LOR from your attending physicians who you have worked with. Some person like to write the letter after two weeks or three. In addition, do not ask residents to write the letter even if you think they can write an excellent letter. You can also ask a help from faculty members to write LOR because they somewhat known you for a while since you are their students. It is better when you talk with them personally instead of just calling or texting them in the phone. Communicating with them personally helps them to know you more and ask for other details.

Do not wait for the last minute to ask persons write your letter of recommendation. It is essential to request from attending physicians or faculty member.

Having Generic Letter of Recommendation

It is a good idea when you have some generic pediatric letter of recommendation or a psychiatry letter of recommendation especially when you are planning to apply to numerous specialties. This is also good when you change your mind on the specialty you want to later on.

It is important to request a letter of recommendation during rotation because the attending physician will remember you, will know what are your contributions, how you perform and others. It is suggested when you ask for LOR a few days before the last day of your rotation.

Checking out Letter of Recommendation for Residency Program

letter of recommendation for pediatric residency

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Before you start asking other people to write the LOR for you, it is essential that you know how the letter looks like. You need to have ideas on how to write it and make a list on persons that can able to write a great letter. When you have the list, contact the person and ask them if they can craft a letter of recommendation for residency program. If he agreed, meet him personally for information that he still needs. Set up a time and place where the two of you can meet together. Do not forget to bring documents that the recommender needs such as curriculum vitae and personal statement. This helps him to know more about your plans and goals in the next years.

Finally, you can only get an impressive letter who knows how to write the recommendation and can dedicate time in writing it. Just be sure that you know the person and you have a good relationship with him. Ask the person two to three weeks before the deadline of submission.

So if you need a quality letter of recommendation for pediatric residency, contact us right away!