Residency Letter of Interest

What exactly is a residency letter of interest and how exactly could one use it?

The reality is that there are often a lot of people who are showing an interest in a specific position and the process of sifting through large numbers of applicants could take a considerable amount of time which means that you have no choice but to remain patient while all that applications are being processed. Under those circumstances a letter of interest could potentially strengthen your case and keep the employer mindful about your interest in the specific position. You never know you might have been number 11 or 12 on the list of most qualified candidates and now because of your residency letter of interest as well as with residency letter of recommendation you are suddenly able to move up three or four spaces which qualifies you for an interview.

Such a letter provides an opportunity to elaborate on your interest in this specific field

In order to keep your original applications within an acceptable size there are often many things regarding the available opportunity which you were not able to include in your original application. Therefore the long waiting period until you are eventually informed about your possible success in obtaining this position could be put to excellent use and it will give you an opportunity to write an effective residency letter of intent that subtly inquire about the progress in the application process and while at the same time using that opportunity to elaborate in greater detail exactly why you are passionate about this opportunity.

How effective will residency letter of interest be?

The reality is that many experts in the medical field are of the opinion that such a letter of interest residency when approach correctly and when used to its best advantage could definitely benefit the applicant and could significantly increase his chances of being favorably considered for that position. Naturally this will only to apply to those applicants which possesses the required qualifications and experience but in reality it will do very little for a candidate which are not already among the top 10 candidates for that position. Naturally this does not mean that you should not take a shot with such an interest letter since you never know what can happen.

When will be a good time for such residency letter of interest?

residency letter of interest writing


When a week or two has passed and you know that the closing date for applications are not far away and you still have not received a reply although you are aware that some people have been invited for interview. In this circumstances if you are really interested in the available position you could try such a letter of interest where you share exactly why you are having a passion for this specific field of specialization and why you feel that you will be able to make a substantial contribution to this field. For better understanding you may check our sample LoR residency. Such a residency letter of interest gives you a 50-50 chance of success which might just be able to give you the necessary advantage that you were seeking.

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