A Guide on Letter of Recommendation for Internal Medicine Residency

Letter of recommendation (LOR) is important for students who are applying to residency. When you are applying to internal medicine residency, you need to submit a high quality of letter of recommendation for internal medicine.

Guidelines for Letter of Recommendation for Residency in Internal Medicine

In some situations, letter of recommendation for residency in internal medicine is an important aspect for student application. The fact is that it is necessary to have a good letter but it is also essential that you as the person writing for student’s application letter of recommendation, you need to be honest in writing some description about the performance of the student. If someone asks you to write LOR, you need to be frank in telling whether you can able to write a great recommendation letter or not. If you know or you think they did not perform well, let them know so that they can ask somebody to write for them.

Letter of Recommendation for Internal Medicine: Preparing to Write

If you need to write a letter of recommendation, you need to gather all the information you need to get started writing or use a quality sample letter of recommendation for internal medicine residency. The student should provide you a copy of ERAS or electronic residency application form. It is also important that you ask the student to bring her personal statement and curriculum vitae. The essay may not be complete but it is a guide and it will give ideas about their goals and plans. Another thing is that as much as possible, you need to meet the student to get more ideas such as about her private practice, academic practice, where that student can see herself after ten years, specialty choice and much more.

Do not forget that letter of recommendation must be written on letterhead. For student, if they need to send it to numerous programs, it is better when they keep the address generic. For instance, Dear Program Director.

Opening: In opening, it is essential to include the name of the students and the AAMC ID number that is found on their ERAS form. In here, you can include why you’re writing the letter like for application to your program. It is better when you include a short statement about your desire for that student like this is a great pleasure offering this quality letter of recommendation to Joy Smith AAMC# application to your residency program. In opening section, it is important that you put information how you know that student and what circumstance you have worked together like I was an internal medicine preceptor in Mary Jones Hospital during Joy fourth year of her medical school. Try to include what are your roles briefly such as inpatient attending, clerkship director and others. Since you are writing the letter of recommendation, write why you think the student is worthy to be evaluated.

letter of recommendation for internal medicine residency

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Body: In this part, it is where you need to put specific examples like medical knowledge, interpersonal skills, communication, professionalism and specific traits.

Conclusion: It is a part where you need to include your great recommendation. You should be straightforward saying, “I strongly recommend”.

You can also check out letter of recommendation for internal medicine sample to know how other people write the letter. Lastly, do not forget to include your contact number in the letter.

So if you need a quality letter of recommendation for internal medicine residency, contact our experts now!