FAQs on Recommendation Letter for Residency

The issues that seems to trouble most residency applicants
One such question about which there seem to be uncertainty is how many recommendation letters for residency are allowed per specific application. Although it may differ from institution to institution the average seems to be four. Other concerns are whether the same recommendation letters can be used for subsequent application and the answer is that although this may be admissible your situation might have changed in recent times which may require new recommendation letters which includes recent achievements and new experience which has been obtained.

Will there be an advantage in sending multiple recommendation letters?
Multiple letters of recommendation for residency will certainly allow the administrators a more complete view of who you are your education, experience and professional ability which may just give you the advantage in obtaining that appointment and therefore you could definitely benefit from multiple recommendation letters. Many specialized residency applications will have to be accompanied by a recommendation letter from the chairman but it would generally be a good idea to inquire from the specific institution exactly what guidelines have to be followed in order to ensure that your application are as complete as possible.

Thus residency rotations require letters of recommendation?
It will definitely be beneficial to get a recommendation letter for a residency program when you are rotating and it is advisable to obtain such a letter from the most senior associate and he should be a person who is very well acquainted with you and are therefore able to give a complete and accurate letter of recommendation for residency program. It is sometimes prudent to give your decision about whom to approach for such a letter of recommendation a lot of careful thought in order to ensure that you approach a person who will be able to write a very effective letter of recommendation.

Could a junior associate write such a recommendation letter for residency?
Sometimes such a (LoR for residency) letter of recommendation which was written by a junior associate is an excellent idea since this will give the administrators a fresh perspective regarding you and the relationships which you have formed during your time at the specific faculty. Such a junior associate are often better suited to write about you on the more personal level especially about the interpersonal relationship which existed between the two of you and such an accurate letter are able to reveal important information about the way in which you conduct your relationships with fellow colleagues.

Could a recommendation letter for residency be requested by telephone?
It will be acceptable to make the initial residency letter of recommendation request telephonically but at some time or another you will have to meet with the person responsible for writing your letter face-to-face in order to ensure that there are no uncertainties regarding various pieces of information and documentation which will be needed in order to produce an accurate and effective view on how to write a residency letter or letter of recommendation. There are just too many things which cannot be effectively discuss telephonically and therefore the best solution are still to meet in person in order to thoroughly discuss all aspects relating to that letter of recommendation.

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