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The Importance of Using the Right Recommendation Letter Template Medical Residency

Being asked to write someone a Letter of Recommendation for their medical residency application is both an honor and a chore. A medical residency letter of recommendation is a very influential part of the application and what you write could make or break their future plans. Every year there are more than 40 thousand applicants chasing just 30 thousand places through the Match or National Residency Matching Program (NRMP). So every year many applicants will be very disappointed to not gain a place.

The LoR that you have been asked to write can have a huge impact on the chance of the applicant being selected for an interview and them being ranked highly in the Match. But writing an LoR that is able to make them stand out without going over the top can be really difficult. The following section will provide you with some quality tips to help you to correctly structure and format your medical residency letter of recommendation.

What Should Your Letter of Recommendation for Medical Residency Cover?

letter of recommendation for medical residencyCorrectly formatting and structuring your letter of recommendation will help you not only plan how and what to write but also ensure that you will cover everything that the committee reviewing the application will want to see. Of course if you cannot think of anything positive that you want to say about the person that has requested a letter you should always decline the request. Better that they ask someone else than you provide a less than glowing LoR for them.

The following covers the different areas of your letter and what you should cover:

recommendation letter template medical residencyIntroduce yourself and establish your personal credentials so that the reader understands who you are and your ability to provide a recommendation for the applicant.

recommendation letter template medical residencyState how you know the applicant and for how long. Clearly show in what capacity you have known them in such as through supervising their work or as a teacher.

recommendation letter template medical residencyProvide any information about specific achievements or awards that the applicant has achieved during the time that you have known them.

recommendation letter template medical residencyDescribe their qualities and specific capabilities with regards to the application that they are making:

letter of recommendation for medical residencyWhere possible tailor this area to reflect what the program that is being applied to values most.

letter of recommendation for medical residencyAvoid the use of clichés or vague statements of ability

letter of recommendation for medical residencyClearly illustrate skills and abilities with concise examples to demonstrate them

letter of recommendation for medical residencyUse examples that are current rather than in the past

letter of recommendation for medical residencyNever write anything that is negative or provide faint praise

letter of recommendation for medical residencyWhere possible quantify your points; “they were in the top 10% of my class”

recommendation letter template medical residencySummarize the above and make your recommendation for the position that they are applying to.

Some Expert Advice Regarding Your LoR for Medical Residency

The following is some advice from the Herbert Wertheim college of medicine (http://medicine.fiu.edu/_assets/docs/tips-for-writing-letters-of-recommendation.pdf) regarding the true importance of your LoR and what it should cover:

“Letters of Recommendation (LOR’s) are an important part of a student’s application for residency training. In a 2012 survey of residency program directors, 81% cited LOR’s as a critical factor for selecting applicants to interview. This factor was second only to USMLE Step 1 scores. Further, most program directors cited LOR’s as an important factor in ranking candidates for the Match. LOR’s are important because they convey far more about a candidate than grades, scores and class rank. Residency programs use them to learn about the student’s clinical judgment, technical abilities, interpersonal skills and professional attributes: qualities that simply cannot be conveyed on an academic transcript.”

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